De Necker Dentistry’s team of dentists look at both the functional and aesthetic aspect of dentistry as they have a holistic approach to ensuring that patients get the best possible dental treatment. 
De Necker Dentistry believes that laser therapy is the future of dentistry. The minimally invasive dental treatment has advanced all fields of medicine and has positive benefits for patients and clinicians alike. 
Laser technology in dentistry is designed specifically for dental applications such as cavity preparations, soft tissue surgeries, and so much more. De Necker Dentistry uses laser therapy equipment which enables patient friendly results for many types of common dental procedures compared to those achieved with traditional instruments. 
Each De Necker practice makes use of cone beam computed tomography 3D (or CBCT).  This advanced dental equipment delivers high-quality panoramic x-rays in 3D which is perfect for treatment planning. 
De Necker Dentistry has the services of a modern on-site laboratory providing top quality work by using state of the art dental equipment such as CAD/CAM solutions.  By doing this, De Necker Dentistry ensures a comfortable, convenient and efficient dental experience for all patients. 
Dr Thys Pienaar from De Necker Dentistry in Melville has a special interest in laser therapy in dentistry.  He is currently doing his Masters of Science in Laser Therapy in Dentistry at the International Academy of Aachen University. He recently completed the Master Certification as he continues to further his education in dental excellence. 
Dr Pienaar’s advanced knowledge of lasers and their applications in dentistry is continually demonstrated as he treats complex clinical cases.  For more about Dr Thys Pienaar and his innovative approach to modern dentistry, or to book your next dental appointment, please contact us on +27 11 726 7240 or email