Regular visits to your dentist and oral hygienist ensure healthy teeth and gums, essential in helping to keep your overall health in tip top shape. EMS Dental – International Guided Biofilm Therapy offers a gentle, yet effective, high pressure airflow treatment, that targets plaque build-up (also called biofilm). With the recent installation of this breakthrough product at our De Necker Dentistry practice in Century City, you can now enjoy naturally healthy, stronger teeth and gums.

Also called Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT), it has been introduced locally by dental supply company Ivodent with partners EMS (Electro Medical Systems), who are leaders in dental treatment, disease preventing (prophylaxis) devices – all Swiss made quality, scientifically proven, breakthrough products. Supported by the Swiss Dental Academy (SDA) for high level training purposes, this new process of biofilm removal has revolutionised the oral hygiene industry, offering a treatment more effective than ever before.
The EMS dual-action system is a breakthrough concept in plaque removal, offering a combination of a gentle Airflow powder treatment that provides effective, fast, pleasant cleaning and polishing in one single procedure and a Piezon® no pain technology scaler to remove calculus.
A build-up of plaque and calculus on natural teeth, restorations, crowns, bridges and implants is the common cause of gum disease and tooth loss.  The use of a plaque disclosing formula during the treatment highlights the problem areas, guiding the hygienist to an effective clean – ensuring nothing is missed. They can then advise the patient on how to improve their cleaning technique in these neglected spots and guide them to customise their homecare cleaning. Using this system to clean around orthodontic appliances is also simple and highly effective.
By asking your oral hygienist for EMS GBT, you are opting for the ‘gold standard’ in professional oral hygiene and gum disease preventative treatment. All these hygienists have completed the Swiss Dental Academy’s (SDA) professional training programme to ensure your cleaning regimen is a pleasant and effective experience.
Dirna Grobbelaar, a local oral hygienist and also Ivohealth’s oral care advisor, is one of only four SDA qualified trainers in the country and she runs regular courses for specialists around SA on this new type of therapy.
Guided Biofilm Therapy is so new and different, innovative and effective, that it makes oral hygiene exciting again. With a disclosing formula and proper training with SDA certification, a skilled hygienist should be able to remove almost 99-100% of the collection of bacteria and other microorganisms that builds up on the teeth, says Grobbelaar.