Teeth Whitening

Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure

Stain-producing substances such as coffee, red wine and tobacco can cause tooth discolouration. In just one visit to De Necker Dentistry, the Zoom procedure is a quick, safe and effective way to whiten your teeth.

The Zoom treatment is a simple procedure performed by dentists throughout the world. Results may vary depending on the tooth colour but this treatment could make your teeth up to 9 shades whiter (on average up to 9.3 shades) during the two hour appointment. These results may be higher for patients with darker teeth.

Before we proceed with the Zoom whitening procedure, our highly qualified and professional dentist will examine your mouth and gums to ensure they are healthy. When no problems have been detected, we can then start with the whitening procedure.

We use a hydrogen peroxide gel which activates the whitening – this gel specifically developed for the whitening procedure, responds to the subtle blue wavelengths of the light system used during this treatment.

During the whitening procedure, your gums are protected with isolation materials. The teeth whitening gel is applied and then activated by the light source. After three – 20 minute applications, your whitening process is completed.


We advise our patients to avoid smoking and food/fluids containing colourants for the first 24 hours after the treatment has taken place. Some sensitivity might occur during this period but this will subside.

The teeth whitening procedure is very safe and effective whitening treatment for the following reasons:

• Only an approved professional dentist may perform the teeth whitening procedure.
• The LED light used is very gentle and we do not use any potentially harmful laser or UV rays.
• The teeth whitening gel contains 15% peroxide compared to the 35%+ of other light activated procedures.
• No structural changes to your teeth take place during the treatment
• No harmful effect on any of your fillings


Opalescence Treatment

De Necker Dentistry offers a whitening treatment called Opalescence. Opalescence whitening offers to fit your lifestyle and your budget, it is easy to use and very effective. It is a combination of an in-office and home treatment. A 30-minute appointment for the kick-start treatment is all you need, then you can do it yourself at home. This way you have total control over the colour of your teeth.


De Necker Dentistry provide detailed information on both these teeth whitening treatments.

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“In just a little over an hour, your teeth are whitened by more than 9 shades (on average 9.3), which makes it economical for tourists to have the treatment while visiting South Africa.” Unknown.